Valley Fight League Presents:

Fight Night in the Valley

Boxing & Kickboxing

March 26, 2011

Fight Night in the Valley
Ranson Civic Center
431 W. 2nd Ave
Ranson WV 25438

Fight Card
Pro Boxing
Russ Shiflett vs Ariel Espinal 185lbs 4 rounds
Mischa Christensen vs Bobby Bynum154lbs4 rounds
Dan Cannaday(pro debut) vs Stephen Franklin 160lbs 4 rounds
Perry Ballard vs TBA
Mike Sawyer vs Jaun Galarza 175lbs 4 rounds
Travis Kauffman vs Harold Sconiers Hwt 6 rounds
Dontre King vs Anthony Williams (147lbs) 4 rounds

Amateur Boxing
Rodrigo Alonso Gabriel vs Javier Lopez 125 lbs
Devar Ferhadi vs Keven Rohrer 175lbs
Eaton Criado vs Matt Bowling 145lbs

Pro Kickboxing
Jeremy Carper vs Anthony Ford 165lbs Pro
Henry Goss vs Alton Tyner135lbs Pro