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AMATEUR Lightweight MMA
Shaun Rose Vs Daniel Ready
Fighters touch gloves and start their game stand up with a flurry of round kicks and punches. They clash in the middle and then go to the ground. Both fighters are working their positions and trading off advantages. Late into the round Ready gets the mount and pounds Rose. Rose tries to defend but the Referee stops the contest due to strikes.
Winner: Daniel Ready - RSC due to strikes at 2:45 minutes of round 1.

AMATEUR Welterweight MMA
C R Hess Vs Eddie Barker
Bout Scratched
Both fighters were from the same gym. The promoter was unable to secure a match for either fighter, and they initially said they were willing to fight each other. Upon discussion with the promoter, it was decided that since one of them would have a loss incurred on their record as a result of this fight, they preferred to have a loss to someone from a different gym. The promoter and the fighters agreed to scratch this bout, no harm - no foul, and they would be re-scheduled for a later event with new opponents. Fighters and promoter made a handshake agreement to scratch the bout with no fine or punishment. Both fighters did want to do an exhibition match to show case their martial arts schools style. The promoter agreed and they performed an exhibition bout.

AMATEUR Welterweight MMA
Chris Conner Vs Toby Caudill
Toby exploded out of his corner with a flying knee that didn't connect well then followed with a spinning back kick. Fighters then squared off in the middle and sized each other up. Chris took him down and mounted him and Toby had to cover up to defend the strikes. Toby tried to escape and Chris took his back and started to work the RNC. Toby worked his position hard to effect and escape and then suddenly signaled to the Referee that his shoulder was out. (Dislocated shoulder ) Referee stops contest.
Winner: Chris Conner, RSC Due to opponent injury at 1:11 minutes of Round: 1.

AMATEUR Middleweight MMA
Joseph Harrison Vs Josh Guyer
Guyer starts off the 1st round with a flurry of round kicks and then gets Harrison in a partial Guillotine and the go to the ground with Guyer on his back with Harrison in his guard and still trying to make the Guillotine. Harrison escapes and they stand up and they clash again and go to the ground again.
      Round, 2 they clash in the middle and smash into the cage and go to the ground. Both fighters working to effect punches and strikes, Harrison works the Guillotine and tried to maintain his positions. Guyer escapes and tried to ground and pound. Harrison kicks Guyer off him and they stand up and circle each other around the ring, both are tired and wary.
      3rd round starts off with round kicks and wary circling. Harrison tackles him and they go to the ground, Guyer keeping Harrison tight, Harrison trying to strike. Harrison stacks Guyer and they almost reverse positions. Harrison punches heavily and Guyer tries to fend him off.
Winner: Joseph Harrison by Unanimous Decision, Judge Angie Brooks: 29-28, Judge Gary Crim: 30-27, Judge Brad Duruttya: 29-28.

AMATEUR Heavyweight MMA
Anthony Horn Vs Len Smith
Both big boys start the match by circling each other and looking for the big strike openings. Smith starts off with a front kick Horn answers with a spinning back first, neither finding the mark. They clash and run into the cage and go to the ground. Smith gets Horn in his guard and works the Guillotine. Horn escapes the guillotine and tries to escape, Smith takes his back gets the Rear Naked Choke.
Winner: Len Smith by Rear Naked Choke at 1:52 of round 1.

Billy Barrett Vs Brandon Presnell
Fighters meet in the middle, Presnell swings Barrett goes for the tackle and they crash into the side of the cage and go to the ground. Presnell goes for the heelhook, Barrett struggles to escape, does so then takes the side mount. Presnell works the triangle Barrett defends and makes him relase and they go to the guard, Barrett tries to stack him and Barrett slams him while Presnell continues to work the triangle.
      Round 2 fighters exchange kicks and punches, they clash and go to the ground. Presnell trying to keep Barrett in the guard and work the triangle, Barrett stacks him and makes contact with punches to the head. Presnell continues to work the triangle and gets Barrett to tap.
Winner: Brandon Presnell by tap out from Triangle choke at 1:32 of round 2.

AMATEUR Female Flyweight MMA
Krissy Barrett Vs Laruen Feldman
Both girls were determined to make this the most exciting match of the evening. Many of the spectators felt this was one of the premiere fights they saw all evening. Both girls had good striking and kicking techniques, Krissy starts off with a high round kick that connects with Laurens face. Lauren clashes and they go to the ground with Lauren working the Guillotine, Krissy tries to slam and stack her but no go. They work positions on the ground, Krissy seems to tire but does not relent. They stand up and trade swings and kicks in the middle of the ring then clash and crash into the cage and go to the ground, Lauren landing knees to the body while they are on the ground, Krissy punching the body. They stand up and trade punches and knees.
      Round 2 starts out clashing and trading knees, it goes to the ground and Lauren tries to work the triangle, Krissy stacks her and punches her face. Fighters reverse positions on the ground several times, and then get back to standing.
      Round 3 they trade kicks and Krissy takes some knee strikes and gives one back. They go to the ground and each work for dominate positions. Lauren goes for the Guillotine and Krissy stacks her, they stand up then go to the ground again. They stand in the middle of the ring and trade punches both getting and giving. Krissy goes for the double leg and Lauren sprawls and they both sand up, trading blows both swinging hard.
Winner : Krissy Barrett by Split Decision: Judge Angie Brooks: 29-28, Judge Gary Crim: 29-28, Judge Mike Boyce: 28-29.

AMATEUR Featherweight MMA
Zach McBreen Vs Fitz Philogene
The round started with a flurry with McBreen giving a high round kick and Fitz going for the takedown, they go to the mat with McBreen working the triangle. Fitz was game and not going to make it easy for Zack. Both fighters maneuvered for position but Zack was quick to maintain his dominant position and keep Fitz in his guard until he could finalize the Triangle. Fitz fought hard and tried to escape but Zack pulled his head down and the tap came soon afterwards.
Winner: Zack McBreen by Tap Out from Triangle choke at 1:10 of round 1.

AMATEUR Welterweight MMA
Cole Presley Vs Adam Prickett
Presley and Prikett touched gloves and it immediately went to the mat. Presley dominated early and took Prikett's back and quickly worked in the rear naked choke.
Winner: Cole Presley by rear naked choke at :54 seconds of round 1.

AMATEUR Middleweight MMA
Robert Conner Vs Angel Ortiz
Fighter touched gloves and both initiated strikes but it soon went to the mat when Conner shot in and took Ortiz down. Conner worked the positions and took Ortiz's back and went in for the rear naked choke. Ortiz was not giving up easily and held out longer than most men, struggling to keep his chin down and work his position for an escape.
Winner: Robert Conner by rear naked choke at 1:52 of round 1.

AMATEUR Light Heavyweight MMA
Jeremy Simms Vs Jose Cabraja
Great battle of the strikers. Both fighters kept it standing and made tremendous strikes on both sides. Late in the 1st round it appeared Cabreja's stamina was waning and he looked like he was just maintaining his distance. Simms tried to capitalize but failed to make the big connections. Both fighters were bleeding badly from cuts and from their noses. Cabreja would hold back while Simms advanced then would launch and explosive uppercut that would miss by a fraction.
Just as the 3rd round was getting on Simms was advancing steadily on Cabreja, who was retreating, when Cabreja launched another explosive uppercut that found its mark this time, sending Simms to the mat.
Winner: Jose Cabreja by KO at :44 seconds of round 3.

AMATEUR Heavyweight MMA
Michael Oldson Sr. Vs Christopher Stanton
Mike Oldson did not report to the event as scheduled. There were unconfirmed reports (hearsay) that he was on the road and stuck in traffic from Roanoke, Virginia. This was not confirmed by the ISCF Representative Robert Zingg. Mr. Oldson was a no show at weigh-in and has been suspended for 30 days and assessed a promoters reimbursement fee of $100.00 to be paid to the Promoter, Mr. Lionel Royer, unless he can show just cause to Mr. Royer for missing the event. Mr. Oldson, please contact the ISCF, the Promoter, Mr. Lionel Royer (304) 283-3053, or at to take care of this matter.
Winner: Chris Stanton by Forfeit.

AMATEUR Super Heavyweight MMA
Nick Hoover vs Scott Carson
Hoover came out with the game plan of trying to stalk and make the big connection to KO on Carson. Carson worked the ring and kept away for the most part and was able to connect with good strikes and some kicks. Hoover was able to trap Carson against the cage and side mount him and made the efforts to ground and pound. Carson was able to escape and keep it standing. Good strikes from both sides, but Hoovers stamina was lacking and he was ineffective in capitalizing on his larger size.
Winner: Scott Carson by Unanimous Decision, Judge Angie Brooks: 27-30, Judge Gary Crim: 27-30, Judge Mike Boyce: 28-29.

AMATEUR Lightweight MMA
Cory Popanz Vs Jacob Kirwan
Kirwin dominated the ground game and frustrated Popanz attempts to keep it swinging and making it a standup contest. Even while spending most of his time on his back defending Kirwins attempts to submit, Popanz was never relenting and continued to press his striking game while mounted and did a tremendous job of defending the ground and pound of Kirwin. Popanz was like an eel always working his position to try and gain advantage and escape, but Kirwin was too well balanced in the mount and kept Popanz contained.
Winner: Jacob Kirwin by Unanimous Decision, Judge Angie Brooks: 27-30, Judge Gary Crim: 27-30, Judge Brad Duruttya: 27-30