Big-N-Bad Contest is a single elimination boxing tournament, that is open to area men and women, age 18 through 39, with no previous professional boxing experience, and have limited amateur experience.  All bouts are scheduled for three, one minute rounds, with all fighters using 16 ounce gloves, protective headgear and a mouth piece.  All applicants MUST be in good physical condition.

Men's Weight Divisions:
Middleweight- 140-159 lbs
Light Heavyweight- 160-184 lbs
Heavyweight- 185-400 lbs

Women's Weight Divisions:
Lightweight-155 lbs and under
Heavyweight-156 lbs and upize

monies will be awarded. The champion in the men's light heavyweight, heavyweight and middleweight divisions will each receive $1,000 and the runners up will each receive $300. Prize money for the Womenís divisions will be based on the average number of bouts and paid in proportion to the menís divisions.

There must be a minimum of four (4) contestants in a weight class in order to have competition in that class.

The promoter reserves the right to accept or reject ANY fighter.